Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Just like Tremors....

I'm sort of pissed off at Will Smith.

About a week and a half ago I made the decision to stop drinking diet soda. K said she was doing it and made an argument that struck a chord with me. I decided that I would cut back and only have 1 diet soda a week. A little splurge that I would enjoy with my overpriced popcorn when the ear doctor and I go to the movies.

It was surprisingly hard last week to not want a diet soda. Everyday at around 2:30 in the afternoon my hand would slowly inch toward the change compartment of my wallet. The siren song of the sweet, dark beverage would call my name. But I stayed strong. I didn't have a single drop all week.

Last Saturday night we decided to go to the movies. I was really excited to see a new movie, but more pressingly, to have my diet soda "treat".

We arrived at the theater, bought our tickets and scurried inside. After waiting a whole week, the first sip of drink was glorious. I happily followed the ear doctor into our theater, fully prepared for an enjoyable time.

That is where the night turned for the worse.

Guess what. I am Legend is not a cool phychological investigation into the mind of a person left alone a la Cast Away, like I thought! It is a freakin scary movie about crazed ZOMBIES! By the middle of the movie I was a quivering, fetal-positioned mess. My heart was beating a million miles an hour, I was sweating and the ear doctor's arm was pretty much broken from my kung-fu death-grip.

I do not deal well with Zombies.

The ear doctor looked over at my pathetic, Hollywood-induced fear and said, "we can go home if you want."

Blinking back tears, I nodded yes.

We actually had to leave the theater because I was too scared.

The thing I'm really mad about is that I was so scared by this silly movie that I didn't even get to enjoy my hard won diet coke. Will Smith is a jerk who likes to deprive people of simple pleasures in life.


k said...

i guess i won't be going to see that movie!?!?

want to come to see 27 Dresses for my birthday this weekend? i bet you'd enjoy your d.coke while watching that :)

btw - i had one on my flight home last week and it wasn't even satisfying. i didn't even finish the whole can!

Heather said...

I already told Matt there's no way I'm ever going to see that movie with him. I was curled up plugging my ears while we were watching one of the previews. (That's how I test to see if I can handle a movie... apparently it didn't work for Disturbia though because I left the room crying and yelled at Matt every once in a while to see if everyone was OK.)

Anonymous said...

HAHAHHAHA. I absolutley refused to see the movie with Dad and now I am vindicated. When I heard Zombies, I knew not to go. Didn't anyone tell you there were zombies?

PS there is nothing nastier in the world than waiting to drink your diet soda and then finding out what they mean by "taste perverstion" on the label of anti-biotics. NASTY

Katezmom said...

Oops, the last one was from me.

Smiths said...

ahhh, katie, I always love to read your blog- too funny!

Maggie said...

You should replace the drinking of diet soda with water. I know it's not as "yummy," but you will be doing something healthy for you instead. Plus, I bet it will give you more energy because you wont be dehydrated.

Anth said...

Ha ha That is so cute. (Probably not what you wanted to hear.)

If I had known you were thinking about going to that movie, I would have warned you. It scared the crap out of me. The only warning I had was my friend telling me, "I heard it was intense." Um, YEAH.

I think Dh had marks for hours in his arm from my fingernails. I had to remind myself to breathe more than once during the movie. Oh and Dh leaned over to me and said, "Try to calm down, this isn't good for the baby." Ha ha SOOOO scary. And most of the movie was almost unbearably depressing.

But still, it was really, really good. Maybe you can rent it later and watch it with others during the day. Hours and hours before bedtime. :)

TRS said...

Oh no! I hadn't heard about the Zombies either. Guess I won't be going to that one.

Once you wean yourself from soda... you'll find in a month or two that it's just too sweet. Then you will be able to do as I have done - and as Maggie suggests - and switch to water completely.

Accept now - I like a San Pelligrino or a Perrier now and then just to enjoy the carbonation!
And I crave a soda (pop where I come from) every 2-3 months.

The Barkers said...

I have to say, that I Am Legend left a bad taste in my mouth as well...Even though part of me enjoyed it, I was still disturbed when I walked out of the theater. I had no idea what is was about going in. Anyway, congrats on the soda thing. It is so hard, but so worth it. And, like K, you get to the point where they don't even taste good and you can't even finish a can....which, to me, is a good feeling. Love ya!!

Elle said...

Holy cow that was the scariest and most stressful movie!! We went because Marc wanted to see it. He had no idea it was going to be like that and felt so bad. Needless to say, I'm not a scary movie fan. Too stressful!

dad said...

I quite drinkind Diet Soda. That was the longest day of my life. Tastes Great and is Less Filling.