Saturday, January 26, 2008

My life is great

This morning I was feeling a little bummed out.

On his way home from a basketball game the ear doctor got me these:

Could there possibly be anything better?


TRS said...

Yay! Tulips. I love tulips.

I take it the chill'n chocolate was part of the offering? How cute.

You two are crazy in love. Lucky you.

cady said...

awww...they're so pretty! what a sweet hubby!

lindsay said...

I'm looking at this on my (small-screened) laptop. So I saw the tulips first, and thought, "oh, well that's nice -- pretty tulips".

Then I scrolled down and saw the chocolate milk.

Now THAT'S a sweet (and well thought out) gift! Flowers and chocolate milk? PERFECT! :)

Elle said...

Nope! That's about as good as it gets! SO SWEET!!

erinannie said...

Does the ear doctor have an available and equally great brother?