Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Holy Babies!

Last night we were invited to go to the first birthday party of one of my friend's sons. It was awesome.

When cake time came, his mom cut him a HUGE piece of cake, sat him in his chair in the middle of the kitchen and let him go to town. We watched him tear into that cake and get it EVERYWHERE. It was hilarious to watch his pure joy at getting cake. Just awesome. If you head over to his mom's site you can see the ear doctor and the AWESOME, HUGE yellow ball that we gave the birthday boy!

The party was really great, but at one moment I looked around and was a little stunned. It was the same group of people that I've been hanging out with for almost 5 years. Back then no one was married. We were all just a bunch of yay-hoos planning trips to Mexico on a whim and staying up WAY too late.

Now the ear doctor and I and one other couple were the only people who didn't have kids. There were 4 kids there. Owen (1 year), Adria (9 months), Zach (5 months), and Mkena (1 month).

When did I get to be a freakin grown-up?


Krillschin said...

I wonder who that other couple was...

Anth said...

Isn't it weird?

The funny thing is, I still feel like a kid playing pretend. "Look! Now I have two babies, and you have one! Let's take them to the store!"

Maggie said...

I agree with anth on this one. It still feels like pretend.

The Barkers said...

I third that!

TRS said...

That must be because you're so young!

I'm 37, still single... but I've never been able to plan trips to Mexico on a whim!!
Now that I finally found the right guy - maybe I start playing house soon.

The alternative is... being a grown-up with none of the benefits of being a grown-up. Mortgage... all mine. Bed... just for me.
Dang it, I'm ready to play house!!

Greeneyes said...

The whole status of being a Grown-Up sure crept up on me, as well! I combat the shock factor by smugly eating spaghetti or ice cream or some other unorthodox morsel for breakfast now and again. Anything to live up those moments when I was eight and planning what I'd be like as an adult. (And to counteract those not-so-fun adult moments of paying the bills or getting the oil changed.)