Saturday, June 07, 2008


So, like an idiot, I just got around to clicking the "blogs and forums" link over on the Bonappetit website.  Turns out there are already a couple awesome people cooking and blogging their way through the top 100 recipes there.  

And they started doing it before I did.

And they're doing a better job at it. 

So now my question is this: should I gracefully bow out and let them take the reigns on this? I'd hate to be accused of being an unoriginal copy cat (although, that's really what I am). Maybe we should just let them pick the club recipes and follow along with them? Thoughts?


Janssen said...

Keep at it! Forget them :)

Shannon said...

Kate, don't stay in your apartment on the third floor in the event of a tornado...get acquainted with some neighbors on the first floor...better yet, get acquainted with their interior bathroom. I guess your supposed to go to the bathroom and sit in the tub so that you will have a vehicle to land in (the tub) after flying through the air...that's the only thing I can figure.

Anth said...

I agree with janssen. Who cares if someone else thought of it first?

Greeneyes said...

I third the motion; you've got a good thing going in your own circle of blogdom.