Friday, June 27, 2008

Top 100

I've had a lot of roommates in my time. LOTS. Some great, some OK and some I'd rather forget. Before I got married I'd lived with about 35 different people. Living with so many people really teaches a person about relationships and communication. One important lesson I learned about myself was this:

I don't like ice cream as much as the average girl.

I've probably only bought about 3 gallons of the stuff for myself in the past 10 years. My darling husband, on the other hand, LOVES ice cream...almost as much as he loves cake. This week's recipe is going to be a shout out to him. If you have an ice cream maker, this should be do-able:

Chocolate-Cinnamon Gelato with Toffee Bits, recipe from the talented Dorie Greenspan.



poodle said...

oh, my gosh, i am TOTALLY making that gelato. i may not have time this week, but i will make it and most likely DEVOUR it!

dltim said...

Excellent, very easy to make. I substituted the sugar and I told dad he had to spit out all of the heath bar pieces. Like that will happen. It makes a smallish batch so it was just right for us for the week.

Heather said...

When we moved last year I decided to throw out or give away everything we never use. That included our ice cream maker. This looks amazing though! Too bad!