Monday, June 16, 2008

Word up, city of Frisco!

Saturday the ear doctor and I made a rockin plan to come visit you. This weekend you hosted the Colorado BBQ competition and since my man happens to be C-R-A-Z-Y about BBQ these days we decided to drive 1.5 hours up into the mountains to check out the festivities.

Remember how gas is $4 a gallon....yeah, we STILL drove up there.

As we embarked on our journey we realized that all our bluegrass music was back in our apartment and, since we live on the 3rd floor, we decided that Best Buy was a better option than stairs. We got a Yonder Mountain CD (freakin SO great) and a best of old school bluegrass disk. Because, well, neither the ear doctor or I can drive out I-70 without accompaniment of a banjo. We just can't. Don't ask us to.

When we got up there, you did your best with the view and the weather, crystal clear and 70 degrees.

However, that is where my favorable review ends.

The ear doctor and I were both hoping for a much more organized event. One where we didn't feel like cattle, belly to butt in line for a $4 rib. Or maybe you were trying to make a statement about CAFOs? Clever.

We were especially bummed out that we didn't really get a chance to learn anything about BBQ or speak to any of the gurus. Would it have killed you to arrange some interesting demonstrations?

Admittedly, the food was sensational. But waiting in line for 45 minutes to get a grilled ear of corn is ridiculous. Work on that for next year. Seriously.




k said...

you'd think that something titled the "Colorado BBQ Competition" would be a big to-do since it is representing the whole dang state!

friends who just moved to town, and just down the street, are the proud parents of a killer grill and mad bbq-ing skills. i have already invited myself over.

Courtney said...

So for a minute I totally thought you meant San Francisco... and I was like YAYAYAAYAYAY!!!! And then I read that you drove there... and I was like HUH??? And then I realized that Frisco must be a city in Colorado. Booo. :(

You should really come to California. Except don't dive b/c gas is over $4.50 a gallon.