Thursday, June 05, 2008

Top 100 club

Did you try to recipe this week? We sure did.

Verdict? We LOVED it! Although you can't really tell how much we loved it because I couldn't find the camera cord during my manic race to get ready for the day this morning. Could this be a family trait?

Half way through cooking it the ear doctor admitted to me that when he heard the name "saltimboca" he was not excited at all. Somewhere between pressing two wonderful slices of prosciutto onto to chicken breast and the sizzling smell of that meat browning up in the pan he changed his mind.

The combination of lemony sauce, salty prosciutto, earthy sage and smooth chicken was d-to-the-licsious.

And, if you didn't make the carrot orzo you should go back and give it a try. This is will be a new side dish for many of my meals to come. A refreshing change to rice or mashers for sure!

The best part of this meal was that it only took us about 25 minutes total to make it!

Reminder: If you want to join the club or make a suggestion for next week, feel free! Click this link, pick a recipe, leave a comment. Tomorrow afternoon I'll post the next recipe we'll try.


Maggie said...

I'm making it tonight! Dan seemed to have the same opinion as the ear doctor's initial. Hopefully he'll follow suit when it's done! I can't wait.

Greeneyes said...

Definitely a keeper--the sauce was pucker-up flavorful, and the orzo made a nice contrast.

Question: did you use the white wine as the recipe called for it? I used a cheap $4 grocery store bottle. The sauce was good, but I'm curious what kind of results you got.

Katie said...

I used cheap wine too. Our sauce didn't come out quite right because my pan was too hot and cooked it too much. It still tasted great, but was a little gravy-esque. Better wine would probably make the sauce even better.

Heather said...

Do I vote on a dish here?
I think the Grilled Tomato-Bell Pepper Gazpacho sounds very summer-y. I've never made it before, and I thought it would be fun to try. Matt really hates tomato though, so I'm not sure if it is a good idea. Plus it is in the 60's here, so not exactly summer weather.

I might have to find something else, it just sounds delicious.

Anonymous said...

:: totally unrelated ::
thanks for your comment and I am thrilled to be back. we're actually flying out to NYC and having wonderful, muscley men pack and move us across the country {for a pretty penny}. how about you hit up the big apple and stay with us?