Thursday, June 26, 2008

Top 100

Well, I probably never would have picked this week's dish on my own. While I really love olives (the saltier the better), the ear doctor doesn't really like Kalamatas. And, I'll admit, they aren't usually for the feint of heart.

However, in this dish they were perfect.

The greatest part was the amazing smells while cooking. The 45 minutes of roasting the tomato/garlic/balsamic filled our little house with the most comforting and homey smell. I was transported back to my swiveling bar stool at my grandma's kitchen counter. The same place where my cousins and I shared meals while turning back and forth incessantly until the arms of the chairs had dents carved out from being rammed into the counter so many times. The childhood nostalgia worked up a very specific craving in the depths of mi corazon.

After a quick boil of some bowties (my favorite shape of pasta), and some chopping of oregano we had this awesome dinner!

Seriously, this was SOOOO easy and delicious. I pretty much owe my life force to Cagequeen for picking out this recipe, so THANKS! Anyone else care to earn a little portion of my soul by picking out a great dish?

Reminder: If you want to join the club feel free! This link has a list of all the different recipes from Bonappetit's top 100 dishes that we're going to try. Leave a comment with your suggestion for next week's dish on this post. Friday afternoons I post the recipe for the following week and I review them on Thursdays.

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CageQueen said...

Wow! Yours looks *just* like the picture! I'm making this Friday night since a bunch of unexepcted commitments came up this week. I can't wait to see what next week's recipe is; I will try and make it this weekend so as to stay on top of the game. :)