Wednesday, June 18, 2008

My cousin is hilarious

Just go see what he wrote today about being a pale, pale, pale, pale red head.

Keep in mind that I am even paler and more prone to burning than he is.

I almost choked on my cookie from laughing so hard. He should really put a warning before writing that stuff. Jeez, my family is cool.

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Lindsay said...

Hah! As the palest brunette in the history of the world, I feel your pain. And it certainly doesn't help anything that I live in LA. I have to wear sunscreen on ALL my exposed skin every single day. Forget just doing the face sunscreen like many women do in an attempt to avoid wrinkles - I have to do my arms too, or I'd get burnt walking between buildings at work.

I've long since decided though that this is my natural skin color and it's the color I SHOULD be.

Pale girls unite!! ;)