Monday, February 09, 2009

Get ready

I just want to let you have a second to prepare yourself for the total and uncontrollable jealousy that you are about to experience.

My dad MADE me this chair:

Yup, he MADE that! He took raw, unfinished boards and made an awesome Danish/Mid-century chair for me! Can you even believe that one person could be that talented?!?!? Now all I have to do is run to an upholstery store and get them to make me a couple of cushions for it! I cannot WAIT to have it in my family room!

Could I possibly use more exclamation points?!!!!


TRS said...

I can't close my mouth. It fell open and I can't close it.

I want one!

Amazing. It's so beautiful!

Is it a copy of your grandparents chair? The one your grandfather duplicated?

Raven said...

Holy moly, that is STUNNING!

Well Done, Dad!

Greeneyes said...

Go, Katie's Dad!

{emily} said...

That's awesome! You have to post more pictures once it is the finished product!

Dennen and Hilary Frazier said...

Kudos Uncle Greg, kudos. That is a killer chair!

dad said...

It is fun for me.