Friday, February 06, 2009

Two ships that pass

Yesterday the ear doctor and I spent a total of 47 minutes under the same roof and conscious.

This is R-A-R-E for us, since we are kind of that couple that likes to be together. We wait to eat together, we try to leave the house at the same time so we depart together, we walk the dog together, we're just pretty much always together.

If you think that's co-dependant or lame, you're wrong. He's just he person I most like to be around. I have a sneaking suspicion that he might feel the same way.

Which makes it really strange to go through a day without him around.

I found myself laughing at something funny I saw, instinctively turning to where he usually would be and starting to comment before I realized that he wasn't even there. When I was pouring myself a glass of milk I accidentally grabbed 2 glasses out of the cupboard, thinking he would probably want some too. When I ate a handful of mini-M&M's I looked around to offer some to him.

It was really actually kind of creepy.


CageQueen said...

I don't think it is co-dependent. To me, co-dependent is when it is in an unhealthy manner. Being best friends is not unhealthy.

Dennen and Hilary Frazier said...

That's not creepy. I do those kind of things all the time. If you're thinking about him when he's not around, it's true love!

TRS said...