Monday, February 09, 2009

Denying your roots

On the way into work the radio station was interviewing Chevy Chase. I guess there is an international film festival in Boulder and they're honoring his body of work. And, personally, I love Chevy. Give me a little Fletch rounded out with Caddy Shack and topped with Christmas Vacation and I'm one happy girl.


The DJ asked this question and I was pretty surprised with his answer. He said, "Have you seen SNL recently? What do you think of our contemporary comics like Steven Colbert or John Stewart?"

His response?

"Actually, I don't really watch much now. So I don't really know." (said in a sort of I'm-too-cool voice)

Um, what? Excuse me? So you are trying to tell me that you are one of the handful of people who didn't tune in to see Tina Fey as Sarah Palin? I find that veeeeeeerrrrrrrry difficult to believe.

Since when was it OK for someone who was practically BORN by SNL to badmouth it? To make it seem like only the little people had time to watch the show.

This kind of stuff just drives me nuts. It's like me saying, "Oh, BYU? That university is so lame and stupid. Totally out of touch since I attended." or "Oh, my parents? I don't really stay in touch with them anymore. I don't really owe them anything for helping shape me into the person I am today."

Give me a break.

Chevy, we all know you sit at home in your million dollar mansion on Sunday afternoon watching the DVR'd episode of SNL from the night before. Critiquing their delivery. Bemoaning their inability to creatively end a sketch. Falling head over heals in love with everything Kristen Wiig does. Pretending you are Gilly with a curly afro and a propensity for sticking pencils in people's arms.

Er, um, maybe I'm confusing the two of us....


Robyn said...

I heard that interview too... I didn't take it quite the same way... I thought he was more saying he just didn't watch any TV lately...

And don't you think he would have been a terrible Forrest Gump? Yeah... that wouldn't have worked.

CageQueen said...

Would you believe I've NEVER seen an episode?

Kylene said...

Hahaaa! Klint LOVES Chevy Chase. Anywho, give him a break he's got Chevy for a name... ;)