Monday, February 23, 2009

Over breakfast

This morning the ear doctor and I sat down at the kitchen table to enjoy our day-starting bowls of cereal. My cereal of choice? Lucky Charms.

When I eat Lucky Charms I like to make sure that every bite has at least 1 marshmallow in it. It's just a thing I do. And the ear doctor knows it.

Just as I was finishing up my bowl (2 bites left, 2 mallows) he reached over with his big ole spoon in MY bowl and threatens the red balloon shaped goodness. Immediately spoons changed from food scooping instruments into weapons used to either defend (me) or wage war (him).

As soon as I was sure that the red balloon was safe in the protection of my sliver-domed utensil I looked up and, with fury in my eyes said, "Oh, I'm SO sure!"

At which point the ear doctor almost squirted milk through his nose because he realized that he has married Cher Horowitz.

But seriously, like was even going to get my last Lucky Charm! AS IF!


TRS said...

Oh Yeah?! Well, he's totally Paul Rudd's character so there. uuh

eRiCa said...

LOL! You guys are perfect for each other. I have to say I laughed and was amazed at this post because I do the same thing as you when eating Lucky Charms. Bret tried once to tease me and throw off my groove...but unlike your scenario he succeeded. I turned around and poured the last few bites out and stomped off. He couldn't believe that I really and truly couldn't finish off my cereal...yeah...I have issues :)