Thursday, February 26, 2009

Great NEWS!

Thanks to my little photo series and all your comments about my dad's sleeping habits he actually, FINALLY, went it to see a doctor! Hooray!

On our next family trip there might be a chance I won't find myself laying awake staring at sparkly popcorn ceiling of a shared hotel room at 3 am desperately telling myself that a jury probably won't believe that temporary insanity can be caused by my father's loud and incessant snoring.

My future children thank you for helping them avoid Saturday morning visits to the clink to see mommy.


Holly said...

My dad used to do that, too, and then he went to a sleep clinic and now he sleeps with a c-pap machine. He also lost a ton of weight because he started biking, running, and swimming with his newfound energy. Honest truth.

Eric and Megan said...

Hey, so how are you? Looks like you had fun in Florida. That whole sleep thing definitely runs in your family. Your hair looks great by the way. . just caught up on all your past recent posts. Tell the other half hi for me.

Greeneyes said...

Thumbs up for Katie's dad! Making that appointment can be a tough step. I hope he finds some concrete answers & encouraging options.
And good for you, nipping your life of insanity in the bud. ; )