Friday, February 27, 2009

Morning jaunt

This morning on our walk the ear doctor and I had the most amazing conversation. Here are the topics we covered in 45 minutes:

1) the source of creative genius...does it reside inside a person, or is it bestowed from an outside force?

2) how the process of bread making can be interpreted as a transformative symbol of Christ's atonement

3) how we are both annoyed that our neighbor now lets their two annoying little black dogs pee in Roscoe's designated peeing grass

4) ambition in life, how to get more, how to properly direct it

5) how the same shoes that I walked in for 5 days straight at Disneyworld gave me no problem, but after a 20 minute walk yesterday I've got hot spots on my heels

6) my bangs

7) how it feels to be smack in the middle of an overwhelming creative flow where everything you do seems to come together in a perfect combination

8) our need for more dog food at the house

Yet another reason why I love being with the ear doctor. Who wouldn't want to be married to someone who incites such interesting thoughts?

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