Monday, February 23, 2009

Well, since you asked

First things first, I have to admit this fact: I am NOT a purse person. I've had so many friends that just LOVE having a million different bags and they switch them on a daily basis and they really make their outfits look put together and polished.

That's just not me.

This bag, that I got at Aldo about 2 years ago, is my main workhorse:

See what I'm saying? Not that impressive.

And the average contents?

Digital camera in Kenneth Cole neoprene case, keys (which I can never find), green snakeskin wallet (BR), checkbook, 4 (count them) hair bands, free hearing aid company pens, cinnamon gum, nano (yes, I always wrap the ear bud cords like that), midol (for emergencies), reeses peanut butter hearts (Valentines day!), cell phone, thumb drive, lip treatments and a random baggie of gummy bears.

Anyone care to make up a personality profile from these items?


Jessica said...

You're a sweet (candy & gum) girl with a creative (music) soul, who believes in being prepared for the good (camera), the bad (hair bands), and the ugly (midol!).

TRS said...

Love Jessica's analysis!! LOL

Katie - I'd say I'm about the same as you with purses. I don't change them every day or even every week. Like you... a workhorse... for the season. But I do get a hankering for a bag change now and then.

I really like your black bag. It looks like my white one.