Saturday, February 21, 2009

A question for you

Two things that have been rolling around in my brain today:

1) Are you the type of person who eats the last cookie from the cookie jar?

2) If you found yourself in the position of wanting to date someone and not being able to find someone using conventional methods, would you consider using an Internet site to find someone?

For me, the answer to both inquiries is the exact same.


MSmith said...

Me too, but with the cookie mystery, Uncle Garth still blames Rachel.

Robyn said...

As long as nobody was looking?

Anth said...

1) It depends on whether I made the cookies. If yes, then I consider that last puppy to be my right. If my husband eats the last one, I protest vehemently.

2) I don't know. I find the idea rather unappealing. But then I have never been single in an area with a dearth of dateable people. So probably yes.

PS I know I dramatically claimed to be quitting blogging, but I do still update my Superhero Girl blog, just fyi. :D

TRS said...

Hmm. Intriguing questions because I'm supposing you feel the answers are somehow related - which befuddles me.

I have the same answer for both questions as well.

1)Yes, I'm all about taking the last cookie. Then again, I've lived alone for 16 out of my 38 years - and exclusively for the past 9 years. So - pretty much the cookies are mine.
If I'm in a group I'll ask if someone else wants the last one - and if they don't - I have no shame in devouring it.

2) Uh. Yeah. Nowadays, online dating is THE convential method. The odds of meeting a stranger out in the world in your everyday life, who fits your dating/marriage requirements - without assistance, are slim to none. I've already tried online dating. Three different sites...without much success.
I did however meet Mr. Burns through friends. But that didn't work out.
And - let's face it, once you're over 30 - nay over 35 - and you're still looking for love - heck I'd answer an ad in the back of comic book right next to the ads for the brine fish/mermaid family!

I'm interested to know your answer - and I'm guessing your answer for both is 'no'.

My question for you - are you equating the shamelessness for eating the last cookie with selfishess - and the willingness to look for a mate through 'unconventional methods', desperate? and suggesting that one belies the other?

side note: my verification word is 'eningers' which looks a lot to engineers to me! Tee hee.

Lady Susan said...

1. Yes
2. No.

I am all about eating the last cookie. Partly because of some of the reasons mentioned above....I made the cookies. Sometimes, if I am feeling magnanimous, I will check with others to make sure.

I have lived most of my life in LDS desert waste-lands so I know all about the lack of dating opportunity. But I refused to use internet sites to meet/date people. My father met his now-wife that way (and that is all I will say about THAT!) and my sister has just met with a bunch of freaks. I really feel like you never get their full story on-line. I DO believe in divine intervention which is how I met Mr. F. The Lord can move mountains. He certainly can put someone in your path, even if you live in such remote places as I do.

cady said...

my answers to both are the same too: yes.

my hubby always gives me the last of anything, so i'm ok with taking the last cookie.

i'm such a shy person, that i have done quite a bit of online dating. it's such an easier way to meet people these days. however, none of those relationships lasted.

poodle said...

1. YES

cookies are great. somebody has to eat the last one, right?

TRS said...

oh... and you've been tagged!

Katie said...

My answer is YES to both.

Sadly, I'm all about immediate gratification and will pretty much exhaust every option until I'm satisfied.

Stephanie said...

Yes on the cookies, because with two kids and a hubby who love cookies, I rarely get any! So if I find one in there, it's fair game. And yes to number two, since I met my DH online and we were married 5 years ago. :-) I met almost everyone I know online. I decided to move to a new part of the country to be a nanny. When I got there I knew two adults ( the family I worked for) and their kids and that was it. So the internet was a great tool to find other nannies, other people new to Cali. Then once I had children and quit working to be a stay at home mom, I used the net to find mom's groups. Sorry for the ramble. :-)