Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The big day

Which is the best day of the year to be a redhead named Katie?

St. Patrick's day.

On the way into work I considered stopping at the florist between my house and by cubical. They've been advertising shamrocks for a week and I couldn't think of anything better than getting bunch, weaving them into a crown and wearing them as a rad headband, comme ca:

But then I remembered that I'm an engineer and shouldn't freak out my fellow nerds by wearing ornate headgear.

Happy holiday! I hope you get to kiss someone Irish!


Greeneyes said...

The wearin' o' the green looks nice on you.

Anonymous said...

REDHEAD rule :)

Anonymous said...

You must be referring to the current group of nerds with whom you work.
I'm sure the previous, much-more-fun group would have loved the vegetation in your hair... really!
We might still have mocked you a bit... but that's how we bonded and showed each other that we really care.

Kylene said...

How are you, Katie?! You should've freaked them out w/your shamrock headgear! ;) Congrats on your new house! Someday when we're in the area (that is, someday when Klint's a pilot and I can fly everywhere whenever I want...) I REALLY want to come and see you! Good to see your doing well! <3

Kylene said...

I have to fix it...I meant "you're" :)

dad said...