Thursday, March 25, 2010

Flaming the fire

I can't believe I haven't told you this before. I feel like I've shared basically everything here about me. Part of me wonders if we just come here together, stare at each other and don't have anything more to say.

I worry the mystery is gone.

And then I realize that I haven't shared something like this yet and my heart leaps up into my throat and I get all butterfly-stomach-y excited.

Did you know that I stock-pile things? Well, two things in particular.



Toilet paper

I almost never go to the grocery store without getting a box each of salted and unsalted butter. And no Costco trip is complete without that HUGE double-wrapped plastic mountain of TP.

The ear doctor teases me about both, but I just don't care. In my opinion there is never too little space to store either item in bulk.

So there you go.


Gretchen said...

Then shouldn't you be buying the butter at Costco too? ;) I do the same thing with butter, but only when I go to Costco. And my husband teases me too.

Heather said...

I buy butter every time I shop as well. We just seem to go through it so fast. Well, I love to bake unhealthy treats, so there you go.

SeƱora H-B said...

I always buy two boxes of butter too!

Mrs N said...

I stockpile butter too. Maybe that is a cooking thing. My m-i-l teased me about the amount of butter in my freezer, I probably looked at her blankly. Of course you need 8 lbs of butter in the freezer! She doesn't like to cook or bake, so there you go.

Goldilocks said...

Toilet paper - obvious. One should never run out.

Butter - heck yeah! Butter makes EVERYTHING better!

nurse graham said...

Funny, I just blogged about how we tend to run out of TP at our house. Guess I need to be taking a few tips from you.