Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Painters headache

I feel like pounding my head through a wall.

Specifically, the wall of my dining room.

For some reason that beast has been a bugger to paint. I don't know what it is. Maybe the lighting? Maybe I'm being to picky? I can't get the color right.

In my mind it is should be a putty color...the perfect balance between brown and gray. Here was my first attempt at selecting a color:

Toasted Walnut by Behr

In the day time it was perfect, but when the sun set it turned into a scary army green. The ear doctor and I couldn't take stand the feeling of living in a barrack anymore so last night we whipped out the rollers and changed it to this color:

Martha Stewart Grey Squirrel

I'm not sure if you can tell in the pic because the (ugly old) blinds (that we are going to trash some day) are closed, but when the full light hits these babies they turn into a pale purpley color? Huh? These naming people have got to get other jobs. What part of "gray squirrel" would make you think lilac purple?

Anyway, now it's back to the drawing board and I think I'm going to have to do all the painting myself because last night the ear doctor made it very clear that it was the LAST time he was going to paint that room...


{Erica} said...

1. Just painted the baby's room a slate grey with what I thought was an undertone of blue. Looks grey when it's sunny but when it's not it's a lovely shade of purpleish grey...for a BOY. oh well, not going to repaint :)

2. wondering why you're painting the whole thing? I would paint one wall or something and then see how it looks...or are you and I'm just nuts?

3. your dining room is AWESOME! Love the archway.

Lindsay said...

First off, that's a GORGEOUS room. :)

But more on-topic, greys are hard to get right for some reason. Don't give up. At least not permanently. (so says the girl whose grey bedroom has been not-quite-right for almost 6 months now, sigh.)

Yellows are hard too. I had a nemesis of a yellow hall that took me three tries to get looking right. (I wanted "yellow" and it kept turning out "YELLOW!!" - heh)

And I'm SOOO right there with you on the painting-the-whole-thing because it looks so awesome while you're doing it that you KNOW the color is right this time, but then it looks bad the next day. Arg!

Anonymous said...

I agree with ear doctor. Once is enough!!! Twice is more than enough and Thrice, no way!!!

Anonymous said...

Grays are super hard to get right -- my SIL had a purple (it was really purple) bathroom after she painted it gray. The white in her other bathroom often looked pink -- if I wanted to cheese her off I would say "the pink or the purple" bathroom.
You can never paint too many times!


Greeneyes said...

May I humbly suggest purchasing sample sizes of the proposed colors and doing large test patches on the wall to feel it out? That move may just save your sanity, because until you find the right hue you wouldn't have to cut in the ever lovin' corners. Again.

Goldilocks said...

I agree with greeneyes. Sorry about the disappointment. I know how it feels to FINALLY finish painting a room, so to not be 100% satisfied must be SUCH a bummer. Sorry girlie! Good luck and happy re-painting!

In look on the positive...at least if you stick with the same color family...no priming! :o)