Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Fly from the beauty salon

I'm sitting here at work today with a huge clump of silicone in my hair.

I'm pretty sure that no one can see, but I know it's there. Every time I casually tuck some hair behind my right ear my fingers get stuck in the gunk and I take out a fistful of tangled angry locks.

But it could have been so much worse.

Last night I came home after work and was ready to get my grout on. The tiles were all in place waiting for their final step of swiping and squeeging. But, it was not to be. My lovely husband decided to stop work early and do it for us so that I could relax after work. Seriously, I married the most thoughtful guy in the world.

Since the grout was finished all that was left was the application of silicone caulk. After talking to co-workers and researching on the internet I was pretty sure we'd be able to handle this job no sweat, so we started. Each of us had a cup of soapy water in hand and a trusty pointer finger ready to slide the tile seams.

About 4 minutes into the job I was covered in caulk. Every surface of my fingers, palms, even forearms were caked with the white sticky goo. The rim of my cup was just covered in globby excess. I'd even leaned over to inspect my work, resulting in the current hair situation.

But I glanced over to the ear doctor and was astounded to see that, not only was he doing the job faster and better than I was, but he didn't have a spec of caulk on him! What? How was that possible.

Here I was looking like a bedraggled wreck caught in a crazy caulk storm and he was confidently getting the job done and looking pristine in the process!

It kind of speaks to our characters. He is careful, confident and usually always successful at what he does...but kind of slow. I get the job done in less time, and the job is usually also fairly well done. However, the difference with my experience is a crazy maelstrom of emotion/destruction/elation/depression/frustration.


Goldilocks said...

Talk about a kodak moment!!! Hope you took pics!! :o)

dad said...

You are the wind benieth Garrett's very clean and tidy wings.

However, he did swing a mean sledge hammer during demo time.

Manoj Sharma said...

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