Friday, March 26, 2010


So this morning on the kitchn I read that it has been officially proven that high fructose corn syrup is really bad. I guess some nerds at Princeton found out that rats eating HFCS sweetened water and rat food get fatter than rats eating table sugar sweetened water and rat food.

And even though I have a hard time accepting research generated in Princeton, they weren't smart enough to accept me to for grad school, I'm not really suprised at the result.

But lately I've been pounding Teddy Grahams like no bodies' business.

In fact, as I read the results of this study my eyes slowly drifted down to the gleaming yellow bag.

"oh, no" I thought "could my sweet, sweet little lovelys be filled with horrible high frutose corn syrup?"

...dread fills my heart...

I slowly reached out and turned the bag around and, guess what...

NO HFCS! Glorious!

But what do I see there at the end of the list?

Partially hydrogenated cottonseed oil?!?!?!?


Well, I'm eating them still.

To be honest, I'd probably still eat them if they had high frutose corn syrup in them. But I'd try not to buy them again.


MSmith said...

Another worry....palm oil! Labels advertise no trans fats - but low and behold, you'll then find palm oil (highly saturated). There's no winning.

Greeneyes said...

My friend is a HFCS bloodhound, and she informed me that my beloved pint of Ben & Jerry's listed the taboo substance in their ingredient profile. Woe is me!

p.s. Ha! Word verification is "angsts" in, I have some angsts regarding this topic.

dad said...

I think we should eat healthy like in the middle ages before all this mass produced processed food. Look how long they lived!!!!!!!!!!!!!