Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Tonight my knuckles will be bright white as I desperately clench my fist around my phone. I will lovingly gaze upon this photo of my front yard garden taken yesterday afternoon.

We are forecast to get a foot of snow tonight.


Thanks, previous owners of our house. For planting happy yellow crocus in the front yard I am willing to overlook the piss poor paint job you did in every room of the house. I'm so happy with these little flowers that I will even forgive you for taking the smoke detectors with you when you moved out, despite passing inspection with them in place.


Our happy crazy home said...

Pretty flowers. :-)

Wow it sounds like we bought our houses from the same sellers. We had the most awful paint job. Although ours left the smoke detectors, they did continue to do random electrical work so things that were working at inspection weren't by the time we closed. People are weird.

Goldilocks said...

They took the smoke detectors??? That reminds me of that Chevy Chase movie where they buy a house in the country (Funny Farm?) and the owners take EVERYTHING with them...doors, cabinets, light switches, everything!

Greeneyes said...

Every time we undertook a project in our house, we found ourselves taking in vain the name of the previous owner. Here's to home improvement!