Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Alaska Cruise Day 1: arriving in Seattle, getting on the boat and first day at sea

Last time I went on a cruise I totally forgot to write anything about it here on the ole blog and now I'm really bummed I can't go back and see everything that I did.


You get to see a bunch of pictures of my trip. If that kind of thing bores you, come back in a week when I'm done with the recap.

Our cruise departed on a Saturday afternoon, so we flew into Seattle Friday just to make sure nothing strange happened with the flight making us miss our cruise. We woke up Saturday morning bright and early. And what do you do when you're downtown Seattle on a Saturday morning?

3 words: Top Pot Doughnuts

Then we headed back to our hotel to pick up our luggage and get our booties to the pier to meet our beautiful ship. Does it look like we brought enough stuff for 4 people adventuring for a week at sea?

We hopped in our shuttle ride and scooted out to the water. When we saw our big white ship we were ecstatic.

She sure was Yar

The view of Seattle as we pulled out was breathtaking! And we handed a stranger my big beautiful SLR to take a picture of us on the railing, trusting they wouldn't just run off with it.

The ear doctor was really excited about the posh-ness of the hallway outside our stateroom.

And to end our first day at sea I made the ear doctor take our first obligatory self-portrait. I was thrilled. Him...not so much.

But no trip is complete without self-portraits, right?


Goldilocks said...

LOVE IT!! I'm SO excited for each day's recap!!!

The seld portrait pic is my favorite one!!!

Anonymous said...

Top Pot - yum!! What day did you leave? I was running down near the cruise ships like 2 weeks ago - I could have seen your ship!

Ryan said...

Thanks for sharing Katie! First Alaskan cruise out
of Seattle that I've seen blogged. My wife and I did a 7 day Alaska cruise from Vancouver.

Have fun!

Kari said...

Yeah! So happy that you are going to post a recap! Can't wait to see all your pics! I totally love the self portraits of you and the ear doctor -- you should make a collage out of them!

dad said...

thanks for the pictures