Friday, June 18, 2010

Ummm, thanks...

It's official: the ear doctor has turned me into a BBQ snob.

Before I met him I was perfectly happy to show up to a BBQ where the offered fare is burgers from frozen patties and cheap-o store brand hot dogs. But now? So not the case.

Take, for example, my work summer BBQ which is going to be held at lunch. A few weeks ago an email came out inviting us out the grass for a free lunch and we got to pick what kind of entree we wanted reserved for us. I thought, "oh, that's nice to give us an option." That is, until I saw my options. I could either get a veggie burger or a chicken breast.



I know, I should just be grateful that I'm getting anything at all and overjoyed by how nice it is to have lunch provided, but, really? An overcooked chicken breast isn't really what I envision when I think BBQ.

A BBQ to me is now about a beautiful hand-shaped thick patty of 80/20 ground beef topped with extra sharp cheddar, spinach, balsamic caramelized red onions and a smear of chipotle ketchup.

Or better yet, BBQ is my man pulling out a huge smoked pork shoulder that he's been nursing for 12 hours in his backyard smoker. It is then shredded and topped with his latest BBQ sauce creation and consumed with a heaping side of pure reverie.

See what he's done to me?


dad said...

I love the GRILL MASTER.

sam said...

Darn it...I'm just sitting down for a salad and now I'm craving BBQ (the snob version, of course).

Greeneyes said...

Poor, poor girl. ; )