Wednesday, June 16, 2010

I still can't believe I did it

The grossest thing EVER happened to me at work today.

I refuse to wear my name badge on a lanyard around my neck. Those things rub the back of my neck until it is bright red and raw, so I wear my badge clipped to my side of my shirt.

Well, today as I stood up from going to the bathroom my arm snagged on the top of my badge. Time went into slow motion as the slim piece of plastic slowly flew into the disgustingly full porcelain basin. As it splashed in and started to sink to the bottom the thought of just letting it stay there forever crossed my mind. I did not want to reach in and fish it out. I considered it dead and gone.

But then I thought about me leaving it in there and the next person coming to use the toilet and them seeing my smiling face peering up at them from the bottom of the bowl.

And then I thought about having to tell the security guard what happened in order to get a replacement tag. Embarrassment filled my soul and I just couldn't do it.

So my cat-like reflexes reached down and plucked it out from the one corner that hadn't yet submerged.


You read that right.

Today I stuck my hand in the bowl of a public toilet....shudder


Greeneyes said...

Let us know when you've finished bleaching yourself. Poor girl, gravity sucks.

Mo said...

Are you going to wear your name badge on a lanyard from now on?

Anonymous said...

Number 1 or number 2??????

dad said...

Just be thankful lt wasn't a HONEY BUCKET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!