Wednesday, June 23, 2010


So remember how we have a 17 year old girl living in our basement? She's awesome.

Last night I was home alone, watching old episodes of grey's anatomy while laying on my the dark. About half way through the third episode I heard a key turn in the front door lock. I looked up and saw our boarder come bouncing through the door.

I said hi and turned back to my show.

But she, as always, wanted to talk. She jumped up and sat indian style on the foot of my bed.

After closing the computer and flipping on the lights she proceeded to tell me all about her day. She'd spent the day with her best friend at six flags. She'd never been on a roller coaster before so she told me about her first time. She told me about the jealous, mean girls they'd met while standing in line for a ride and how they'd almost got in a fight. She told me about the cute guy who caught her eye in line and how they tried to find him the rest of the day to get his number, but he was nowhere to be found.

And she made me laugh.

The kind of wild girl-sister-roommate laugh that I haven't had in a long, long time. And it made me remember college. Made me remember staying up late with roommates prank calling people. Made me remember talking about our crushes and taking online personality quizzes.

I am so glad that she is living with us and that I get to relive the stage of life that she's going through right now.

It's made me want to buy a tube of pink lemonade lipsmakers and make a "hot guy" picture collage to tape on the outside of my binder.


Janssen said...

She is so lucky to have you guys!

Goldilocks said...

How FUN! I get this way when I have my girlie weekends with three of my bffs who are scattered across the US.