Friday, December 10, 2010

Day 10

It's no secret that I love Christmas music. In fact, the other day I was walking my dog at 6:30 in the morning belting out tunes for the world to hear. I just love the way they make me feel and especially what they make me think of.

“Thoughts of Jesus … [should] be far more frequent and much more constant in all times and seasons of our lives. How often do we think of the Savior? How deeply and how gratefully and how adoringly do we reflect on his life? How central to our lives do we know him to be?” --Howard W. Hunter

Here are a few of my favorite Christmas albums:

1.Christmas Divas $10 2.H is for holiday $10 3.Time-life music: Treasury of Christmas $15/double CD set 4.Diana Krall Christmas Songs $10 5.Alabama Christmas $7

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denise said...

Just saw a new CD @ Starbuck's, Pink Martini- Christmas