Friday, December 03, 2010

Day 3

Tonight the ear doctor and I are meeting some friends downtown to see the annual Christmas light parade in Denver. I love this parade.

Last time we went we saw two creepy women get in a fist fight over who got to stand closest to the corner. It was crazy. All this goodwill and peace-on-earth wishes floating around and then these two nut jobs totally loosing it over a parade-viewing spot.


“Have a joyous time in celebrating Christmas—for despite discouragement and disheartening conditions throughout the world, it is the happiest season of the whole year. But let us ever keep in mind that people are blessed whose daily conduct most nearly comports with the teachings and example of Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior, at whose birth was proclaimed: Peace on earth. Good will toward men” --David O. McKay

1.Peace on earth necklace $14 2.Peace paz print $35 3.Letterpressed peace cards $18/6 4.Classic Christmas: True stories of Holiday Cheer and Goodwill $13 5.Peace dove $26

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k said...

not something that i would typically consider my style, but i love that necklace. if only i had enough money to justify buying myself a little something. someday...