Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Changing of the Guard

I like musicals. Growing up my mom, my sister and I would routinely curl up under two inch thick blankets, turn on a great Rogers and Hammerstein classic and get lost in a world where people break into song and choreographed dancing at the drop of a hat. My dad would retire to the basement and watch a football game and (I'm sure) wonder how he was going to make it through life surrounded by so much estrogen.

Anyway, I have practically every song from the more popular musicals memorized. I always thought they were entertaining because they were a break from reality.

Bad news, I am a character in a musical.

Alright, so I don't burst into song about how the butter ran out or have a mental breakdown when someone leaves time on the mircowave (wait a minute), but I do have certain "tendencies."

Have you ever seen South Pacific? At one point in the show the main character gets her heart broken and there is a shower scene where she is shampooing her hair and singing, "gotta get that man right outta my hair."

Well, last night was my final rinse of all the crappy stuff I've been going through.

I bailed out on FHE (I know I shouldn't have, but I didn't really want to see anybody), and went to Wal-Mart. Now, usually I hate Wal-Mart, but they have cheap fabric and for my "shampooing" I needed lots of fabric.

I bought tons of fabric to really decorate my room.

I moved into my new place last May and haven't gotten around to really making it my personal space. I've never been able to stand white walls, but they wouldn't let me paint at this new place. Out of laziness and frustration I just decided to put up with it.

Also, I felt to busy to really dedicate time to doing it. I always felt like I needed to be out hanging out with people to fill my time. You know how it is; when you break up with someone all the sudden you have tons of time and you don't know what to do with it all. You're used to spending all that time with someone else, so it is hard to just be on your own again. I've been struggling with this since May, but last night I washed that all out.

I turned off my phone and spent the whole night by myself re-doing my room. Actually, I didn't re-do it so much as do it, since I hadn't really done more that unpack my boxes since May.

Anyway, now my room looks great and feels like a place I want to just hang out.

I'm glad I finally "washed that man right outta my hair."


Aimee "Roo" said...

Way to go... now, I am sure that everyone would love to see some photos of your newly decorated apartment. You have inspired me into action, my bedroom has been beconing for a face-lift, Wal-Mart, here I come! :)

Maggie said...

Did you do it like mine last year?

Heather said...

Sometimes I feel like my life is a musical too, only I really do break into song when we run out of butter. That's good that you've washed that man right outta your hair. I still haven't been able to do that, although we didn't really break up, he just kind of left for an extended period of time.

Katie said...

Kind of like your room, but I just did big rectangles instead of the whole wall.

Yeah, those missionary boys are hard to get over. Pretty impossible until you either a)meet someone new or b)have them come back and realize they weren't really as great as you remembered.

I have a digital camera, but technically I'm not supposed to install the software needed to load the pics on my computer at work. Maybe I'll try to use someone else's computer, or install it and then take it off right away. Stay tuned.

Maggie said...

My life is a musical. Here's something that I thought was kinda funny. I was walking back from campus after having aced my stats test. I was in a good mood and decided that I wanted a little snack of peanut butter and crackers when I got home. Then the song about peanut butter (Katie I hope you remember the song) popped into my head and I was singing it in what I thought was a quiet volume to myself and kinda bouncing along. That was until I noticed this guy watching me from his kitchen window as I passed by singing and dancing about peanut butter. I'm awesome.