Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Miss Spontaneous

So this morning I checked the flights, and I found a ticket for $180 to Spokane this weekend, so I bought it.

I am so stoked to be going home this weekend!?!? Maybe I'll go out to Greenbluff and pick some apples or just sit home on Saturday night and watch a chick flick with my mom. It's going to be great. I love going home.

Plus, I get to see my bff Kathy and her wicked cool husband Matt.

I haven't seen them in AGES!

So....Gilmore Girls.

Can I just say that I really don't like what Rory did. That is bad. Plus, I think Lindsay is just such a cute girl and I was beaming when she made the roast beef well. Rory is a bad girl. Plus, Dean really isn't that cute anymore. They need a new hot character on the show for Rory so she can get her mind off that loser. Its too bad Triston has his own show now because he is dreamy and if he came back and acted nicer that'd be pretty good. Previews for next week look really good, but I really feel bad for Lindsay because she obviously has no idea what is going on and still really loves Dean.

I was planning on watching the episode with my friend Jocelyn at her house, but she got tied up in Denver, so I had to watch it at Eric's house. I just laid there curled up on the couch and enjoyed. Eric was really cold and mean to me, but what's new. That kid is all over the place. I just wish things were different. He feels that it is totally alright to just treat me like crap because he knows I'll forgive him. He'd never treat anyone else like that...Just me. I'm such a lucky girl.

My aunt sent my photos of Alta and Snowbird and they are getting DUMPED on! Hooray for skiing!


katezmom said...


Maggie said...

I am so jealous! I wanna go home! I have an o-chem test this weekend. I think I might not fail. It could go either way at this point.

the narrator said...

i was so pissed at what rory did. that was so not cool

Nathan said...

So if he keeps treating you like crap, why keep hanging out with him?

Katie said...

I don't know why. Self Defeating Behavior.

Actually, he'll treat me like crap, and the next day he'll realize he did and he'll apologize and do something really thoughtful. I think it is important to forgive and forget. That's what being his friend is helping me be better at...letting things go.