Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Falling asleep

I have a bad habit of falling asleep.


For some reason I just am not one of those people who can stay awake all hours of the night.

You can wake me up at 5 in the morning and I can function fine, but get me past 11 and I'm toast.

I can stay awake if I'm moving around or dancing or whatever, but if I'm just laying on a couch cuddling and watching a movie, I'm out for the count.

I never thought anything of this until the ear doctor and I started dating.

He HATES it when I fall asleep. He thinks it is rude because I don't have the common courtesy to stay awake when he is there.

It drives me nuts that he won't fall asleep too because I like to cuddle together.

Then, when he wakes me up to say goodbye I am completely disoriented, confused, and usually do someone mean/thoughtless.

There needs to be some kind of compromise here, but we are both pretty stubborn on this issue.


sarah said...

I think that you should plan a date for you and the ear doctor where you wake him up at the crack of dawn and expect him to function like a normal human being. Then comment on how you don't like it that he is complaining about being up so early!!! A little role reversile never hurt anyone!

Kaycee said...

During the weekdays, my fiance works nights and I am an insomniac. On Friday nights when we hang out, I always fall asleep very early. I think I can just relax when I'm with him.

Maybe you can just help him understand that you can't help it and that it's not about him.

Alice said...

Compromise... totally the answer. He sleeps half the time and you stay awake half the time... just make sure you are doing the same thing at the same time or the compromise is no good. Deep, huh?