Thursday, January 27, 2005

I need a trip

My officemate isn't here today and won't be here tomorrow because he is going for a long weekend to Mexico for a wedding. Not fair at all. The place he is going to actually called the "Mayan Riviera." This is the same guy who spent 3 weeks in Australia over Christmas.

I sit here in our poorly lit office looking out onto a foggy cold Colorado morning and think of how much I'd rather be disembarking from a flight into a warm, humid Mexican airport. The idea of white beach sand and a new bottle of sun screen in my hand is almost alluring enough to propel me through this day and help me push to the weekend.

The closest actual trip that I have the chance to go on comes with a pretty crappy dilemma. I've been invited to fly out to Penn State on an all expenses paid trip to check out their grad school. The only sticking point is that it is the same weekend that my best friends here have decided to go spend a long weekend at a cabin in Durango. I'm torn.

I know I shouldn't have a problem deciding between the great opportunity of grad school at Penn State and a weekend trip with people I see every day of the week, but I do.


coasterJoe said...

You shouldn't complain about being in Boulder. It is beautiful there, you could be stuck in the midwest like me where it is just cold with nothing to look at.

Katie said...

Oh, joe, you are SO right. Boulder is awesome. I would never want to live in the midwest.

girl from florida said...

mmm.... Mexico... *drooling*

Seriously, Katie, Colorado is so beautiful. Not like I've ever been. But it looks pretty in the pics. Speaking of, why don't you post some more pictures soon? I noticed some awhile back in your archives. I posted one in December of our wedding but kept it anonymous. Kind of. Heehee.

Anth said...

Ooh, I've been to the Mayan Riviera, it's gorgeous (not to rub it in). There are the most amazing ruins right on the ocean there, at Tulum. I'd love to go back there. Even though it hasn't even been a year yet.
I think you should take a brilliant weekend trip to the Oregon coast. Tempting, I know.

Kaycee said...

I know what you mean about not wanting to miss being with your friends. I'm always afraid that I'll miss something... the creation of a new inside joke, someone's once-in-a-lifetime impression of Chris Farley, the kind of stories that end in "you had to be there."

But... going new places rocks, too.

JL said...

Penn State offered to fly you out there??? Wow. That's hardcore. That means they want to court you as a student which means you have bargaining power with them. Have you asked if you could do it a different weekend due to a personal scheduling conflict. I don't see why they wouldn't agree to that. I've talked to our dept chair about recruiting and if they want you then you really are in the driver's seat. You should get to do both things!

Katie said...

I'm pretty sure I could arrange something with them, but that weekend is when all the other potential grad students are coming out. They have a whole agenda with parties and everything. I think an important part of the program is the people I'd be working with, so I'd like to see the others and see how I stack up.