Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Things to try at home if you're bored

So since my left hand has basically been immobilized I have found a few every day things to be quite a challenge.

So far today these are the things that have been surprisingly difficult for me:

shampooing my hair....IMPOSSIBLE with one hand. I could get a pretty good lather going on on the right side of my head, but the left was a epic struggle that I just wasn't up to. As a result one side of my hair look fabulous and shiny today while the other leaves something to be desired.

Putting on my bra. Alright, so it's not hard to take on off with one hand, but virtually impossible to put one on. I think I spent about 10 minutes in my closet this morning and at one point had to take a break from the full body contortions. I even considered wearing a big baggy sweater to work sans support, but i just couldn't bring myself to do it.

Talking on the phone while driving my standard transmission a blizzard. So I know it is a really unsafe and bad thing to do, but whatever. Luckily the plaster splint on my hand can delicately cradle my phone. I figured out a way to wedge it between the splint and my hand to allow for excellent control.

Typing this post. Originally I was typing like a normal person with the keyboard laying flat on my desk, but I found that the thumb part of the splint kept hitting the spacebar an d mak i ng wor d s come o ut a ll wro ng. It wa s VERY anno ying, so I used my trusty stapler and set it up at a 45 degree angle. This solution just illustrates that I was meant to be an engineer/problem solver.


girl from florida said...

hahaha I love your thinking, girl!! You are totally up my ally... I love a woman who can fend for herself & problem solve. Why do you think Penn State wants you so badly?


Katie said...

Oh, probably lots of reasons: I'm a girl in engineering, I have pretty good GRE scores and GPA, I've got 2 years working experience in the industry, I have great recommendations, I wrote a kickin statement of purpose essay. Plus, I'm pretty fabulous!