Monday, January 31, 2005

I've heard back from another school

I got this email from UT Austin this morning. They must think I'm psycho.

I am a Professor at UT-Austin in structural dynamics in aerospace engineering. I'm looking through your application to our graduate program and trying to figure out what you are interested in. You put a "1" by structural dynamics as your "Intended Area of Study", but I'm not sure that's what you intended to do, judging from your Statement of Purpose. You say you plan to enroll in the ME program (not ASE?), and that you are interested in the interaction between mechanical design and electrical design, which may not be related to structural dynamics. Also you say you're interested in the Center for Space Research, and they do not do structural dynamics work. You mention your interest in control systems, and talk about inspiring the next generation of stargazers.

So here's the work that I'm doing--let's see if this aligns with your interests.
(Blah blah blah about his research)

This work is very computer/numerical algorithms/programming oriented, and involves a fairly high amount of interaction with industry. Maybe you are more interested in hands-on work rather than this rather theoretical work. Anyway, please let me know more about your interests. If this suits you, then I can probably arrange for an opportunity for you to visit here. If not, and if you are really interested in another area of ASE or in ME, then I can pass your folder on to the appropriate group here.

It seems like they are interested in me too and are willing to fly me out to Austin. Now is going to be the time when I try to work my magic and get them to send me out the same weekend my friend from school is getting married in Austin. That would be great.


Anonymous said...

is that spencer's wedding you're talking about? i was thinking of going home to visit family that week and driving up to the wedding.

Katie said...

I assume this is Britt. Yeah, I would LOVE to go to Spencer's wedding. Derek called me last night and left a voicemail about flying out for it. It would be AWESOME if you were there too!

Anonymous said...

yeah, it's britt. that would be SO FUN if you and derek and i went down for the wedding. it would almost make up for not going to spain. (almost) and we could take my parents car so we don't have to rent one. is it in austin? i don't remember...

anyway, congrats on hearing back from UT. that's so great. you're brilliant, so i'm sure you'll get recruited everywhere you've applied. let me know if you're coming out here for grad weekend.

Katie said...

Yeah, I'm coming out there Feb 18, so plan some really fun things to do! Can't wait to see you pal!

girl from florida said...

Hmmm. Was that prof's email written in english? Just curious. :)