Tuesday, January 11, 2005

I need a break

So my model just crashed my program loosing the entire day's work. I feel like throwing my computer out my 5th story window just to see it explode on the asphalt below.

I went skiing this weekend and somehow managed to bugger up my left thumb. Because it was swollen to the size of a garden hose and turning a lovely shade of eggplant I decided to go to the doctor and get it looked at. She took one look at it and thought it looked broken. Lame. I went and got and x-ray and it turned out not to be broken. My doctor now thinks it is probably a ripped ligament, which could be even worse. She put a HUGE splint on my arm and told me to come back in a week when the swelling and tenderness is less so she can bend it around and see if I'm really screwed and need surgery to reattach it. I'm hoping I'm just being a baby about the whole thing and nothing is really wrong and I can ski the rest of the season. She said it probably meant I can only go on green runs the rest of the season. To me, the 2 hour drive up to the resort isn't really worth only skiing greens all day long. So is anyone looking to buy some really cheap lift tickets to copper mountain, because I may be willing to make a deal. If I don't ski, what am I going to DO all winter?


Maggie said...

Good news! I figured out what you can do! You can find your bridesmaid dresses! TOTALLY JOKING! I hope your finger is fine and you can still ski. That really would be tragic for an enthusiast like yourself.
Love Ya!
PS. I was wondering what my itinerary for my Feb flight was. If you could email that to me it would be great!

Maggie said...
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Heather said...

Good use of the word "bugger"; it made me think of Ronald Weasley.