Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Finals Stress

I'm stressed out about finals and I'm not even taking any.

Sarah and the ear doctor are both studying like crazed beasts and their levels of tension are rubbing off on me. They are making me remember the scary, hard parts of school and that is making me nervous to start in the fall.

Finals week at school was always a blur, especially the one right before the beginning of summer.

I remember my freshman year a bunch of my friends were all sitting around outside our dorms after we'd finished our tests, basking in the sun and laziness of nothing further required for the next 3 months.

I remember laying there, on a spread out blanket, the heat of the Utah April sun rapidly turning my flesh to a searing red hue and clearing my mind of everything. I languidly stretched my hand to reach for my cold 7-11 cherry slurpee and realized that at that moment I was completely fulfilled.

My friend approached us, still ensnared by the evil clutches of her Jansport shackles. She had just finished her last final. As she came into sight, she threw her restrictive backpack of burden to the grassy knoll, broke her dull stubb of a yellow number two pencil, and throwing it in the air, fell to her knees and took her first breath of freedom.

It was a moment I'll never forget.


Edge said...

Nothing like being "done".

Jenna said...

Loved this post. Anyone who has been through school knows the feeling.

Maggie said...

I loved feeling that this past week. Then I remembered that I was coming back for a spring term! YUCK! At least that was the attitude yesterday.

Edge said...

And BTW - I like your blog and the blogs you read. Thanks for giving the "shout outs" to them. With a little luck I will make your "Other Blogs I Like".

girl from florida said...

oh, that's beautiful.

I have my last final tomorrow.

So you know exactly what I mean.


Anth said...

Oh my gosh. That picture. It's taking me back. To Chitty, the Powerpuff Girls, Analifi, Weezer, "Killing Me Softly," and all the crazy fun that was that year. The wave of nostalgia is overpowering me. I am not strong enough to resist it.

Kaycee said...

Is that a picture of Heritage Halls? Or do all dorms just look like that?

Katie said...

Yeah, it is Heritage. I stole it from the BYU housing website. Tricky, huh