Monday, April 11, 2005

Saving Money

When you want to go on a vacation what is the number one thing that will dissuade you from going?

Money, right?

You never can seem to scrape together enough cash to leave home. Well, time is probably a close second, but whatever.

You want to take a great trip to somewhere you've never been far, far away but you just can't bring yourself to be widely irresponsible, throw caution to the wind, whip out your credit card and go.

What is the alternative?

Two words:


The thing about the road trip is that you probably aren't going anywhere TOO far away and you are probably seeing things you've already seen.

This weekend I took the 8 hour road trip to Provo with the ear doctor.

Yep, the place I lived for 4 years.

I know every backroad and sidestreet in the area. I know the best way to get from campus in Provo to my aunt's house in Orem factoring in time of day, weather, sporting events and my personal fatigue.

I went over for my little sister's bridal shower (which went very well Heather) so I didn't really want to buy a plane ticket to get there.

What a fool I am.

Not only did we have to buy gas at these freakishly high prices, but also I got a $125 speeding ticket (curse you Colorado highway patrol), on the way back we slid off the black-ice covered freeway and had to be towed 6 feet back onto the road (to the tune of $260), and we had ended up staying the night at the Silverthorne Motel 8 (another $60), and having dinner there too!

Total spent this weekend on transportation ALONE: $575

Total cost for two round trip tickets from Denver to Salt Lake City on Frontier Airlines: $410

Any questions?


Heather said...

Sorry that you had to go through so much trouble for the Bridal Shower, I hope it was all worth it in the end...

Maggie said...

At least you got to see the autoharp!

girl from florida said...

oh... ouch! I'm sorry sweetie :(

Elle said...

That sucks! Sorry chica!