Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Really disturbing commercial

So last night I saw a commercial that freaked me out.

This couple is out in the middle of the lake in a boat when they get a hole in the bottom. As water rushes in the guy starts to freak out because he needs to stop it or it will ruin the date. He is frantically looking everywhere for something to stop up the hole.

Amidst his frantic searching the girl reaches into her bag and pulls one of her trusty Tampax pearl tampons from an industrial sized box, uses the applicator, and stops up the hole.

They then were able to continue their romantic date.

A few things in this 30 second spot disturbed me.

1. Why the heck did she have an entire box with her on their romantic boat ride? Honestly, what did she think, she was going to have a chance to right there in the boat use one? Nast.

2. The shot they showed of the tampon expanding because of the water just made my skin crawl.

3. Does their really need to be other uses for a tampon. I'm pretty sure the one their designed for is enough. Now I have to carry some around just in case I am involved in a nautical mishap? Maybe my grandpa should buy a box and keep them on the boat just in case. I can just see it now....My grandpa sitting around with a bunch of his buddies fishing when they spring a leak. All the other old men start freaking out, but not my grandpa because he was prepared. Yeah, right.

4. Why didn't they just row the boat to shore? I mean seriously, the whole rest of the date they are either going to spend a) bailing out water or b) sitting with their feet going pruny. Either way the date is pretty much ruined and does not necessitate using the tampon.

That commercial was just weird and makes me wonder how these ads get on the air. Isn't there some kind of checks and balances that each ad has to go through? A succession of sign-off? You can't tell me that THAT add got past more that one person. Somewhere someone must have heard the premise and said, "fixing a canoe? I don't get it?"


Maggie said...

I don't like the add that promotes the pad that pulls water away from it and the girls actually feel the pad! That's gross!

Xiporah said...

Ahhhhhhh! You know what commercial disturbs me and everyone I know? It's the one where the guy wakes up in the morning and opens his window and the stupid Burger King Mascot is there and hands him a breakfast sandwich. That mask he is wearing is terrifying, especially in the morning. If I saw that thing outside of my window waving and trying to give me a sandwich I would probably scream and scramble for the shot gun.

I've been lucky enough not to see the tampon boat trip commercial, but it does sound creppy as all get out.

Aimee "Roo" said...

LOL!!! I am glad that I am not the only one who thought it was odd to have a box of tampons that big in her purse.

Commercials can be just plain strange!

chosha said...

It's a pretty big production (the date, the canoe, the emergency) just to basically deliver the message, "these are really absorbant...and they won't leak".

And I don't care how much it might have saved them - once you take a box of tampons out of your bag on a date, the romance is gone. You might as well row to shore. :)

Anonymous said...

AS a guy, that's hilarious. As the guy on the boat, she's creeping me out by whippin' that monster box of femmy hygene out and I'm headed for shore without her. Maybe I should grab the box and throw it in the lake so I won't have to swim.

TRS said...

Okay, they are super absorbent - and she's a clever girl. I imagine it was inspired by McGyver!!

We always used to joke that if McGyver were trapped in your bathroom, he could make an explosive out of some lotion and a tampon.

Anonymous said...

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