Friday, April 29, 2005

Freakin Colorado

When you picture in your mind a beautiful spring day late in April what do you see? Sunny skies, blooming lilacs, warm breezes? Me to.

This morning I woke up to this:

Yes, what you're looking at is snow. This picture really doesn't show how much we got.

My car was buried in 6-8 inches of snow this morning. Instead of getting up and getting to work at 7 like I had planned, I waited until 9 in the hopes that the sun would come up and melt all the nasty white snow away so I wouldn't have to scrape my windows.

No such luck.

At 9 there was just as much snow and now I was late to work.

Just to make my day even better, my UGG boots decided to spring a leak and let in dampness. Great, a wet spot on my right sock. Glorious.


Anonymous said...

It could have been 92 and windy like it was here. Much rather have the snow.

Xiporah said...

Yess.s The first rule of Project "Dump Snow on Katie" is do not talk about Project "Dump Snow on Katie".

You poor thing. It seems everything is kinda cold recently. It's usually warming up here as well but we've had a bunch of rainy days and cold fronts.

I know most people hate snow, but I like it. I would gladly trade weather with you.

Elle said...

Eewwwww, I could never live farther (or is it further??) north than I do now. I HATE the cold. It is only to visit on a ski trip.

girl from florida said...

aw man, that sucks! I'm sorry your day started out so chilly & damp. Yuck. Hope your weekend clears (and warms!) up, sweetie.

Chris said...

You know, that street looks familiar (from when I became lost in Boulder), is the Dairy Center for the Arts nearby? ;)

Kelly said...

I've been hearing about the snow out west and feeling so so sorry for you.