Tuesday, October 05, 2004

23 going on 14

So today my co-worker asked me if I liked this guy that we work with. It totally reminded me of middle school.

You know, when you liked someone (person A), but were so scared of rejection that you sent your friend (person B) to slyly ask their friend (person C) what person A would do if you (person D) ever asked them out. It was confusing and difficult and in the end it was a miracle if through all the chain of communication you and person A ever ended up having your parents drop you off at the mall at the same time.

Well, I'm 23 now and this morning felt like I was playing that same old game.


Also, last night at FHE I had totally prepared myself to ask this guy to go to the circus with me on Saturday night, but when I got there and saw him I wimped out. I'm pretty sure that if he doesn't already have plans, he would totally want to go out with me, but I just didn't feel like putting all the effort in to actually ask him out. I guess I'm just lazy. Maybe if I get my friend to go up to him and ask him what he would say if I hypothetically asked him out for Saturday. Now there's a thought....


Heather said...

From my knowledge of dating, and it's pretty sparse I admit, I would say that whoever you would be asking out would be floored. Not only are you an awesome girl, but every guy I've ever talked to says that they love it when girls ask them out. But of course there is that issue of being lazy...

Anonymous said...

You will never reach your potential in life if you don't pursue those things you desire. If you ever think, "it could be fun to go with "whomever" anywhere", do it! You are not asking someone to marry you, only to have a few laughs with you. Don't try to over complicate the possibilities of an entertaining evening, by looking beyond the invitation.

You should always follow your instincts. By doing so you will learn to listen, trust and follow your heart/instincts. Be bold! Be Strong. Be Different. Be You. Life is way to short for regrets and way to short not to enjoy each day by trying something new! Keep to your standards and follow (not just listen) your heart.

By-the-way, I'm sure every guy would love to engage in a evening of laughter with you. Just because most of them are not intelligent or creative enough to extend their own invitation, don't hold it against them.