Monday, October 18, 2004

So get this

I no longer believe in Karma.

No matter what kind of good deeds you do, sometimes crappy things still happen.

Saturday morning I woke up early and met at the institute to help pick up trash along the stretch of highway that we adopted.

We drove out there and spent the whole morning picking up trash. It was fun to be out there with friends doing something to help. Coolest thing we found: home made bong created from an arrowhead water bottle, blue bic pen and wad of aluminum foil.

(As a sidenote to show what a brat I am, I thought the bong was really funny and asked the ear doctor to keep it out and the whole institute could take a picture of us around it for our scrap book. Like the nice guy that he is, he carried the nasty piece of trash around the whole morning because I asked. When we got back to the parking lot I forgot about it and drove away in a cloud of dust. He'd done that special for me, and I know he probably didn't want to and thought it was gross and I was an ungrateful little punk)

Anyway, I had to be at the nursing home for bingo at 1:30, and didn't leave my house until 1:15, so I was speeding trying to get there on time. I was driving down the newly cleaned highway, admiring our work when I got pulled over by the cop.

I was going 65 in a 50.

In my opinion that really isn't that bad.

The cop said that if I'd hit a biker going that speed he would have died.

I told him that if I'd hit a biker going 50, the speed limit he would have been toast so I don't really see how that particular reason in any way validates the fact that I was getting a ticket.

Anyway, after sitting there thinking for a while I realized that the universe can't be controlled by Karma, because I got a speeding ticket right after picking up trash and before helping old people play bingo.

Things happen to us regardless of what we do. What is in our control is how we react and what we take away from our experiences.

This is what I learned:
The Boulder city police force should take a basic course in physics if they really think a biker could be hit at 50 mph and not be toast.


Anth said...

He'd be plastered all over the road. Take it from Heath - cops are usually not that smart.

girl from florida said...

A kid from my high school stole the big role of Subway stamps from the Subway down the street then passed them out to people in our school. Including the vice principle. Whose wife owned the Subway. Obviously, this idiot got suspended. Unrelated, he weighs 275 pounds.

He's a cop now.

A lot of cops I've met wouldn't even understand basic physics concepts (such as hitting a biker while going 50 mph).

And 65 in a 50 is NOT that bad. Especially for a girl on her way to nursing home bingo!