Thursday, October 21, 2004

Hooray for ME!

Today my blog hit counter hit 1,000! I'm so proud. I'm even prouder because it only counts other people reading my page, not the millions of times a day I check it to see if someone cool left me a comment. Its nice to know that 2,000 eye balls have seen this page (even if 500 belong to my sister, and another 500 to my mom)

Somehow I've become the social organizer around here.

I don't how it happened, but I think it just grew out my A.D.D. and my new goal to be "kinder."

Anyway, tonight I was supposed to go on a date with the ear doctor. We were going to go to a haunted house together. First of all, I think this is kind of a creepy second date. Does he just want to take me somewhere to get me all scared and jump all over him or something? Well, our mutual friend his having a hard time so he proposed that we make it a group thing and invite her to come.

Since he's new to the area, the responsibility to invite people fell on my shoulders.

I started calling people.

Then, I got on a roll and wanted to make sure that no one got left out (me being "kinder") and ended up inviting about 20 people.

In the process people kept making comments about me always organizing things to do.

The weird thing is that I really don't like doing it that much. I really don't like having my house be the "party" house at all.

Alas, someone's got to do it.

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katezmom said...

As for being the "organizer" grandma said to tell you that it's genetic. She's the organizer for her friends too. I'm trying to get a group to go crafting this Saturday and Aunt Marci is the organizer for her friends. And no, we don't like it either, but when we don't do it, it doesn't get done. Have fun at the haunted house. I don't think that anyone even can come close to expecting the reaction that you give when scared.