Monday, October 11, 2004

I hate blogger

Why is it every time I write a really long, interesting, and well written (all in my estimation) post that blogger decides it is the best time move like molasses. Its like blogger knows how impatient I am and can sense the exact moment I will give up and just exit before letting my wonderful new post come up.

This will in no way be as good as the original. My second attempt never is as good as the first.

This weekend I did the following:

  • Friday night slumber party with the girls during which we paid homage to the great artists of our generation including, but not limited to, the following: Debbie Gibson, Lisa Loeb, New Kids on the Block and Whitesnake.
  • Saturday I got my friend Kirsten (the mail man's sister) flowers and balloons because she took her PT board exam
  • Volunteered at the nursing home playing bingo. I never won which makes me think that the old ladies were somehow cheating to win the scary stuffed animals and broken lamps.
  • Went to a housewarming party where I had to tread the line between being friendly and making sure my friend knew I'm not really interested in him "that" way.
  • Got accosted by bleeding heart tree huggers who wanted me to miss out on seeing the elephants at the circus. Some people have seen Dumbo a few too many times.
  • Went to the circus with a really nice guy who will hence forth be referred to as ear doctor because he is studying audiology at CU. He reminds me of my friend Alan from school, so I instantly felt comfortable around him.
  • Made orange rolls for family dinner.
  • Found out family dinner was cancelled.
  • Cursed my friends for not being considerate enough to call and tell me that dinner had been cancelled before I woke up 1.5 hours early to start making said orange rolls.
  • Ate so many orange rolls I was ill.
  • Thought of my Aunt Sandy and how much she loved the rolls and how much I am really going to miss her at Thanksgiving this year.
  • Had dinner with Sarah and Colin.
  • Got offended by the hometeachers.
  • Went over to the Boy's house for dessert.
  • Fell asleep reading with my contacts in.

That about sums up the weekend.


Heather said...

Maybe you should try writing your blog entry in word and then copy pasting type of thing. Then it wouldn't all be lost. I bet Heather understands your frustration. One night she spent so much time writing this email. It was brilliant. Then she erased it on accident. So she started over. In my opinion the second draft was great. Then the internet erased EVERYTHING. So she wrote a third one. By this time she was so frustrated she didn't even care anymore. It wasn't all that great.

Anyway, about Aunt Sandy. I think I'm going to miss her a lot too. I should make some orange rolls. They are so delicious!

I'm glad you had a great date at the circus! I love the circus. I also love the zoo and the aquarium. Maybe I just love animals. I'm not sure yet.

Maggie said...

That last comment was from me. Sorry. I'm on the Heat's computer and I forgot it automatically logs in as her.

Sarah Marinara said...

when I used blogger I always wrote it in word and then pasted it into blogger, because let's be honest, you loose a couple great blogs and you realize some things cannot be trusted. Sadly, blogger is one of those things.

Also, I love orange rolls. They are ever so tasty.

And how did your hometeachers offend you? Mine offend me EVERY SINGLE TIME they come to visit... it's the one constant in my life. Share Katie, share!

JL said...

I've lost a few posts on Blogger. What I do is click the back button and guess what? Half the time you lose your post that way. But I'm like you without patience. In fact, I don't even have the patience to write on Word and then paste to blogger. Sarah is the conscientious blogger who takes care not to lose brilliant posts. If blogger eats a good post then I get mad but not enough to do anything about it. :-)

Sarah Marinara said...

Jl... you make me laugh... as if I've EVER posted ANYTHING even remotely CLOSE to brilliant... you're hilarious!