Tuesday, October 26, 2004


Today I accomplished a major milestone at work. I had my whole team crammed into my office to look at what I've been working on for weeks. They tried to poke at my design, tried to tear it apart by the seams, tried to find wholes and weaknesses in my design trade, but alas it was to no avail. I triumphed over all with my superb preparation and thorough knowledge of the subject matter. I am an engineering goddess.

The only truly appropriate way to celebrate such a great career achievement day is to go to the mall, spend a ridiculous amount of money on a new outfit and get that white pair of Ugg boots that I've been coveting for low these many weeks.

Alas, much to my chagrin, I have imposed a "No new clothes in October" rule.

I realized that my spending was getting a bit out of control. It was starting to feel like a dependency akin to my recently admitted Pepsi problem.

Too bad I've had 3 Pepsis in the last 4 days. Yikes.

Still, I have less than a week to stick to my goal and I will have done it. Not purchased a single article of clothing in a month. Ski boots don't count because they aren't "clothes" so much as "gear."

FHE was great last night. The caramel apples were a big hit, and I was shocked that so many people had never seen a candied apple before. One girl said it was too pretty to eat and took it home with her (strange, I know).

I didn't get to carve a pumpkin. I gave it away to someone who didn't remember one and who looked like they were feeling left out. Oh, the sacrifices I make.

So I met this girl in my ward about a month ago. She seemed nice, but for some reason she just bugged me. Perhaps it was because she was really pretty, has a good job, and always seems to be happy. Well, I let this little kernel of attitude fester in my soul and I could feel it start to eat away at me. Every time I saw here in her cute new boots and her Seven jeans that look a lot better on her than mine to on me I could feel my heart start to ice over.

Anyway, last night I bit the bullet and went up to talk to her.

Guess what, she's really nice.

I like her a ton.

We talked for a really long time about the trip she just got back from (Australia...No fair).

After the activity I am supposed to stay and clean up, but I was exhausted. She cleaned up all the pumpkin goo, washed the dishes, got someone to take out the trash, and told someone else to vacuum up the seeds off the floor.

I hate it when I'm so clearly shown that I have been retarded and mean. I always think I've grown out of that, but then something happens and I realize I'm just the same as I always was. Well, maybe a little better because at least now I can see what I'm doing and I actually try to get over it.

Why do I have to be such a competitive girl ALL THE TIME!


Sarah Marinara said...

Seriously, that's how I met my best friend Aub's. I hated her guts because she was pretty and blonde and annoyingly optimistic. But upon getting to know her, she is one of the most amazing people in the world and I am thrilled I gave her a chance and she gave me many.

Sarah Marinara said...

Also... good job on being an engineering goddess... YOU ROCK!

katezmom said...

I agree w/ Sarah YOU ROCK BIG TIME my engineering goddess

Lisa said...

That's so awesome!!! You are the queen of engineering.
K i am with you on the shopping thing. I have tried with no success at the NO CLOTHES THIS MONTH goal. So you are my new hero of self contol.
Good for you with the being nice to the cute girl!!!
I also grew up in Washington state. What city???