Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Per the request of Miss Marinara

So my hometeachers....

The actually aren't MY hometeachers, but my friend Sarah's. They came over to "teach" her on Sunday evening and since I was there I thought I'd sit in.

We all sat down in her living room and I tried to pretend that I actually thought it was going to be worth my time.

First of all I have to back up a bit. One of her hometeachers is an acquaintance of mine...We drove down to the temple a month ago together. He got lost and we were almost too late to the session. We talked about Ayn Rand and Objectivism the whole way and it was really interesting, but he comes off as a pompous jerk who is just really proud about the fact that he's in law school. We also talked about how I want to go to Stanford or Princeton for grad school and he decided that I was really smart (not really true, I'm just a really hard worker with big dreams)

They started off with that obligatory, "so how's everything going in your life" stuff. Sarah chatted for a while. I guess they'd never come to see her before because she was telling them about her major and stuff. When she got around to telling them that she was studying to take the GRE's he interrupted her and said, "well, you do hang out with Colin and Katie, two of the smartest people, so maybe some of that will rub off."

I was floored and not in a good way. Sarah is way smarter than I will ever be. The girl practically has a 4.0 in biochemistry. Plus to intimate that she is the "dumb friend" that only hangs out with us so that our "smartness" rubs off on her mocks the close and sincere friendship that all three of us share.

After they left Sarah and I talked. She thought he was obviously intrigued by me and found her uninteresting. I have two reactions to this:

1) Yippee! Now I have another conceited, unthoughtful, self interested person interested in me. My dream come true.
2) Here's a little tip, pal: Don't offend my friends en route to what you may think is a compliment for me. I'm the most loyal person there is and it really won't impress.


Aimee "Roo" said...

How very annoying. Why is it that guys feel they have to be arrogant? I will have to inquire of my husband on this point, but it's not impressive to anyone if that is the goal. I hope that the next time you see this boy, you will tell him off! ;) That would be really fun to read about too!

Sarah Marinara said...

At least your HT's (or Sarah's for that matter) don't bring you the latest copy of The New Era that is ALL about marriage and ask, "So, you think you'll EVER get married." REALLY hard not to tell them to sod off. REALLY hard.

Katie said...

Wow, that blows. I'm always floored when people from church say the rudest things. For some strange reason I just expect them to act know, like they care about my feelings. It always just shocks me so badly that I am speachless for a few minutes and then the whole next week I think of witty and appropriate responses to their extreme social retardation.