Wednesday, October 20, 2004


So I think it's becoming well known around the office that I'll do anything for a free little morsel of a treat. Today a total stranger offered me a large piece of carrot cake with cream cheese frosting, and I didn't want to be rude and refuse, so I ate it in 3 seconds. Delicious. I love this new reputation.

Ever notice how hard it is to keep your energy up through the afternoon without a Pepsi? I feel like a tired beast right now, but I'm trying to wean myself from the goodness of that brown liquid. Not so much because it is in the "gray area" for Mormon consumption, but more because I don't think I should be reliant on any substance. If I can go without it, I prove to myself it isn't in control of me. Rather I control it. Bow down to me you dark master.


girl from florida said...

Mmmm... pepsi. I am so addicted.

I am proud of you for not being rude. Never turn down offerings in the form of food. Your karma will be forever grateful.


j!ll said...

I have a friend who quit smoking with the same rational. I so remember him, fire in his eye (though not in his hand) stating with definitive finality, "I will dominate! I will not be dominated. An inanimate object will NOT have power over me." He feels the same way about hackey-sack and ultimate frisbee, too -- dominate or go home. And he does, because he's a badass that way.

And you, dearie, made my day today. Thank you for the link. Keep on keepin' on yourself. Be well and glorious as you were born to be.