Monday, October 25, 2004


So this is the one FHE a year that I know what we're going to do. I do it every year and it is always fun.


Bring your own pumpkin.

We sit around and carve them, eat and talk. It is always fun and messy and great.

This time I'm making caramel and candied apples. Really I only wanted to make caramel apples, but Colin told me he'd never had a real candied apple before, so I though I'd try them out. I've never made them before, and since I consider myself an accomplished dessert maker, I feel that I need to add this one to my repitoire. Since hardly anyone prefers candied apples to caramel apples, I'm going to make more caramel ones, but since I've got the time and the energy I thought I'd make both.

I'll let you know how they turn out.


girl from florida said...

What's FHE? Sorry, may be a stupid question. [wait, no question is a stupid question, right? :)]

mmmmm caramel apples... if you have any leftovers, send them on down to Florida. Mmm! Have fun! :)

Aimee "Roo" said...

Sounds like so much fun! I miss singles ward FHE. It was always such a blast. I hope that you take your camera, I am sure that someone will start a pumpkin inners fight. ;)

Katie said...

Girl from Florida---No, that isn't a stupid question at all. FHE stands for "family home evening." Leaders of the LDS church have encouraged familys to set aside every monday night to spend time together. Since I go to a college/single congregation, and none of us have parents or kids around, we get together every monday night and do fun stuff. I'm in charge of organizing it for the whole congregation.

aimee roo---No, there was no innerds fight, but Colin did make it look like his jack-o-lantern puked guts up everywhere. Pretty funny.