Thursday, November 04, 2004

100 things about me... (in response to GFF)

1. I love the color purple and green.
2. I'm 5' 8"
3. and born in July
4. I used to like the Spice Girls. Still kinda do. (When 2 become 1….)
5. My hair is naturally curly, but I flat iron the crap out of it.
6. I obsessively Q-tip my ears now that I’m seeing an ear doctor.
7. I'm not really into shoes like most girls.
8. I love Jimmy Buffet and will do the Margarita dance on command.
9. I love almost every type of music: R & B, rap, rock, jazz and country- all depending on my mood.
10. I've never been pregnant but can't wait to have children!
11. I get really comsumed by the beginning of any relationship…romantic or otherwise.
12. I’ve played by the Rules with all my boyfriends.
13. I've always been broken up with.
14. And I have been cheated on by an ex…well, I don’t know if it was cheating because we were on a break.
15. My favorite ice cream is sweet cream with fresh strawberries (Coldstone) or Cherry garcia (grocery store)
16. I LOVE Dominoes thick crust pizza.
17. I hate the smell of beer.
18. I love milk and drink a gallon every other day. Interesting sidenote: my sister who is a food scientist told me yesterday that a high calcium diet can help you loose weight. Maybe that’s how I keep from ballooning without any exercise. .
19. It's really important to me to have my feet freshly pedicured & painted.
20. I love old holey jeans. And pigtails (I actually call them nubbins…2 messy knots of hair on either side of my head)
21. Played violin since I was 5.
22. Tried out for cheerleading in 9th grade and didn't make it.
23. Was voted “Most likely to become a Scientist” in 8th grade…and I was proud of it.
24. I dated two boys at the same time. One knew about it, the other didn’t. I confused them once.
25. Love, love, love artichokes. Steamed, baked, grilled, fried, stuffed.
26. I went to a private, Mormon College.
27. My first kiss was when I was in 7th grade. I walked home from school with him from school and planted one on him on his front step.
28. I gained my Freshman 15 and then lost 10 lbs of it- and kept the rest.
29. I like my extra weight.
30. I would much rather curl up and read a good book than go out. (ANY DAY OF THE WEEK!)31. I drink 2-3 Pepsis in the afternoon.
32. My stupid pants feel really tight right now. Totally ruins my day.
33. I made almost got a 4.0 my last semester of college, but my senior design project was graded completely unfairly and ruined my only chance for that in college.
34. I love the computer game Minesweeper. I have the best scores of anyone I’ve met at this company.
35. Political blogs bore me.
36. It totally bugs me when people interrupt me.
37. My friendships are incredibly important to me. I would do almost anything for my friends.
38. I love to hear gossip.
39. My husband is my best friend. I tell him almost everything and love talking to him. (<-I want that someday)
40. My little sister is getting married in July and I worry about her all the time.
41. I’m always borderline anemic when I try to donate blood.
42. I once saw a kid in my latin class have a really severe asthma attack and it FREAKED me out.
43. I fell out of a tree when I was in elementary school and missed hitting my head on a huge boulder by inches. I had to wear a neck brace to school.
44. God kept me here for a reason.
45. From then on, I felt different from my classmates and everyone else.
46. I volunteer every Saturday at an old folks home because I feel like I need to help out whenever I can.
47. I usually feel like a huge geek when I’m in public.
48. I have the greatest dad on the time this girl said that the guy I marry is going to be lucky not because I am so great, but because my dad is so cool.
49. My mom is funny and smart and can do everything.
50. My brother is a CPA and loves internet poker.
51. My dream job: ride designer for Disney.
52. Going to Spain next spring for an engineering reunion—v. excited!
53. Christmastime makes me insanely happy and excited. (I am OUT OF CONTROL)
54. I love presents and surprises.
55. I want to do New Years in times square once before I die.
56. I hate being sweaty.
57. I hate stupid people.
58. Stay-at-home mom is my ideal "job"- but I'm worried I would get bored. Or fat.
59. The world of engineering is confusing and scary- and not very inviting to a girl.
60. I once had a crush on a married guy. Gross, I know.
61. I have a broken toe which has healed into a bone spur from soccer. It makes my foot look weird and hurts when I wear a specific height of high heels.
62. I think I am getting too old to call my peers "boys."
63. I have cellulite. Gross.
64. I can play the guitar.
65. My ears have been pierced since I was 7, but I hardly ever wear earrings.
66. My biggest pet peeve: people who don’t challenge me to be better.
67. Because of this, I am probably challenge my friends too much.
68. It's really hard for me to lie. I feel incredibly guilty about it and confess immediately.
69. I once had a roommate at school who didn’t know was
69. She was weird.
70. Some people I know don’t even french kiss because they think that’s “sinfull”
71. I eat more fast food that any of my friends and do it in secret so they won’t know.
72. I love Pepsi with sugar, but Diet Coke and a lime without.
73. I crave Karft Macaroni & Cheese.
74. My favorite flowers: tulips (in the garden), stargazer lillies and Japanese iris in arrangments.
75. I read the onion every week.
76. My mom constantly talks about her dog. I think it’s really funny.
77. I wish I had an orange kitten.
78. I've known my best friend for 7 years. That's longer than a lot of marriages last these days.
79. I was gifted. (am still gifted, I suppose)
80. I am really, really easily bored. By other people, my classes, work, blogs, books, etc.
81. But I am also really easily pleased. A surprise phone call from my family, a sweet note from a friend, a treat* and I'm smiling the rest of the day.
82. I am happy probably 90% of the time. Many people tell me this is abnormal.
83. I don’t want to buy a house because that means that I’m a grown up and don’t have the freedom to just change and do whatever I want.
84. My sister’s potential father-in-law thinks its alright to share and ice cream cone with his dog. Nast
85. I think the phrase “lived in sin” is kind of weird.
86. I just stole free lunch again.
87. I am waiting until I am married for sex.
88. It feels really silly being the youngest person in my lab and being everyone else's manager.
89. I am worried I will not actually make it back to school to get a second degree.
90. One summer I lived with a bunch of Chinese girls and I was always paranoid that they were talking about me.
91. Europe is my dream vacation. I can't wait to go.
92. One of my roommates at school and I had a falling out and we never talk anymore
93. It’s alright because she was always really negative and didn’t build me up at all.
94. I went to prom twice, first time with someone I really liked, second with a friend…it was more fun with the friend.
95. I just decided that I really like stuffing.
96. Boxes and Boxes of Hot Tamales. Enough said.
97. Funny Bridget Jones type of books are my absolute favorite genre.
98. I get a lot of compliments on my hair, but still always critique it.
99. I love co-hosting parties.
100. I graduated from BYU.


girl from florida said...

WOW!! You are *TOTALLY* my friend! :) I knew I loved your blog for a reason. You rock!

Maggie said...

You may not be good at lieing now, but at one time you used to be an EXPERT. Case in point, "Maggie, I'll take you to my 'special spot'." Then I end up getting almost eaten by a big dog!

fMhLisa said...

58. Stay-at-home mom is my ideal "job"- but I'm worried I would get bored. Or fat

Just to challenge you :-), Your current eating habits may not catch up with you, but they may. But regardless, it's a little on the shallow (yet honest I suppose) side to have 'fat' as your biggest critique of being a housewife.

I too buy into this whole obsession with female fat in our culture, but I'm trying not to. You mention your weight a lot in a list of just 100 things about you. It's probably not very balanced, you might try thinking about it less. Hard as it is for me, I think it's the right thing to do.

Katie said...

lisa- I agree with you about the fat thing. But, just so you know, I copy and pasted most of that list from GFF's blog and I meant it just to kind of show her how similar we are.

girl from florida said...

Just wanted to respond to Lisa's point- which was a good one. I mentioned weight even more than Katie in my list of 100 things, which in retrospect probably says something. Believe it or not, I've come a long way from how obsessive I used to be.

I was just being honest with my housewife comment. I'm worried that if I stayed home all day, I'd eat. That's usually what I do when I'm home now, and then I lose motivation to go to the gym.

Weight plays a BIG part in our society and in most of our lives. I don't want to pretend like it's not a struggle for me to not be preoccupied with it.

sarah said...

Alright Miss KT, I don't ever, ever want to hear you give me crap for being a cheerleader in high school!!!.....You freaking tried out which means you contemplated the thought quite seriously!!!

The Bad Husband said...

Hot Tamales are made in my home town, Bethlehem, PA. Home of Just Born Candies.

They ALSO make the Marshmallow Peeps for Easter, you know...

Just sayin'. Bethlehem Steel may have built America, but it's gone now. But Just Born Candies remains!

(It smells REAL GOOD over in that part of town all the time, too!)

fMhLisa said...

Yeah, I know, I obsess about it too. But I think trying not to obsess has made me happier. Being a housewife, and with twenty to thrity-five pounds to lose since my last baby, this is the first time that I've really been struggling with it for real. When I was a size eight I dreamed of being a six, even though I looked great. I look pretty decent now at a twelve, but I'm dying to be back to a ten.

There are a lot of crappy things about being a housewife, and the weight thing is certainly one of them. I'm not into denying how much the pressure affects us. But we do have control over our thoughts and we can let it affect us less by taking control, by refusing to let it control us and our image of ourselves. Not easy, I don't have it under control myself yet.

Anonymous said...

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