Thursday, November 04, 2004

Movin on up

So today I moved into a new office.

Just so you have some kind of perspective, my old office was small, cramped, cold, had a door to the electrical maintenance room of the building (so techs would constantly have to walk through my room to get back there if something broke) without a window.

My new office is large, quiet, nestled in the corner of the fifth floor, has two large beautiful windows that look out onto one of the prettiest mountain ranges in the state. I call it my penthouse suite.

The only slightly negative thing is that I went from my own office to sharing it, but from the looks of things my new office mate is one of those people who drift around all day, so it should all work out.

Plus, as an office warming gift he brought flowers. SO nice!

Yesterday I worked until 7:30, then ran over for my institute class. The class was great and I recommitted to being nice to everyone, even if I think they're weird.

Class got out at 9 and I was EXHAUSTED and hungry, but the I knew the ear doctor was just across campus at a swing club dance, so I went.

When he saw me walk in his reaction was priceless. He just beamed as I walked toward him, and I'm sure the look on my face didn't hide my excitement to see him. I told him that I hadn't come to dance, because I was so tired and wearing the wrong shoes, but I just wanted to see him.

We were just standing there on the side of the dance floor talking and this girl came up behind him, put her arms around his neck and said, "excuse me, but do you want to dance."

I was like, "hello, skank, can't you see that we're talking here and we are both REALLY into the conversation" but he just turned to her and politely said, "Do you mind if I come and find you later and dance because I'm having a conversation right now." He actually look her arms from around his neck and gave them back to her. I would have been totally embarrassed if I were her.

Well, I stuck around and talked and danced to one song and then I decided I had to leave. He got is coat and walked me out to my car (what a nice guy). We hung out in the cold parking lot for an hour laughing and talking.



goofy328 said...

Chivalry is good, it's nice to know that someone is really, truly into us, and we're not just crazy because we've fallen for them.

Nemesis said...

I know this is totally late, but what the crap is WRONG with that dance girl?